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October 18, 2018

Dear Buyers There are some other companies which are using our web site images and products details etc even they are using our (TRIUNE) Catalogue/Price list. We want to clear that we do not have any other sister concern company, we are doing business with only one Name : TRIUNE TRADING COMPANY. So be aware from them. Thank you

Adult Steel Toys  Bondage Accessories -Hogties

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Product ID: TCI-9405
Name: Auto Bondage Ice Lock Stainless Steel
Size: 0 cm, 0 in
Weight: 0g
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Description

The Ice cold water dripping down on the sub as the water melts is a nice touch as well. This is such simple mechanical technology, that nothing can really go wrong with this device. These new Ice Locks work very well and are a simple solution to a complex need. Get more than one to use in multiple ways. Attaching both hands and feet in a spread eagle to the front and bottom of the bed is an idea. One possible way of using this on your boy is that after playing with him for as long as you want, lock him up in whatever position you want and hook one of these ice locks to his restrains and the bed with the keys to his handcuffs just out of reach. Tell him you are leaving and he can free himself within a couple of hours and meet you at the bar once he gets loose. The numbers of scenarios you will be able to think of for self bondage are endless and will take the enjoyment of self bondage to a whole new level in a very quick and simple way. We have done quite a lot of playing with these ever since we got them and really love how the physiological effects are magnified when you cannot get out of your bondage and you just have to wait until the lock opens up on its own <> Available in 2 Sizes: <> Large: 22cm (8.75inches) overall length, Cylinder is 15cm (6inches) long and 5cm (2inches) in diameter. <> Small Size: 15cm (6inches) overall length, Cylinder is 8cm (3.25inches) long and 5cm (2inches) in diameter.


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