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October 18, 2018

Dear Buyers There are some other companies which are using our web site images and products details etc even they are using our (TRIUNE) Catalogue/Price list. We want to clear that we do not have any other sister concern company, we are doing business with only one Name : TRIUNE TRADING COMPANY. So be aware from them. Thank you

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Product ID: TCI-9057
Name: Open Hand Spanker
Size: 0 cm, 0 in
Weight: 0g
Material: Leather
Product Description

Covering even more “playing surface” than our regular hand-shaped paddle. This black Leather Open-Hand Paddle is the perfect spanking instrument for those occasions that require gentle chastisement as well as a more sterner bout of character-building discipline. Whether it is the sound of impact, the sting, or both that gets you moist, this paddle from palm to tip would not disappoint. Made from leather, all black, fingers spread wide apart conveying a real sense of excitement. Whether it be teasing taps to arouse the skins nerves or a well deserved spanking that leaves a souvenir for the recipient to admire in the mirror, this open-hand paddle will administer whatever treat or punishment they deserve.
Total Length : 15" x 4.5" x 1.7"


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