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December 13, 2019

Dear Buyers There are some other Pakistani companies who are using our web site images and products details illegally, We want to clear that we do not have any business relationship with these Pakistani Companies.

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Product ID: TCI-9081
Name: Tenderizer Spanking Paddle
Size: 0 cm, 0 in
Weight: 0g
Material: Aluminum
Product Description

The Torment Black Pain Detector aluminum metal Paddle is a supremely dark BDSM addition for doling out extreme punishment. Experience stinging pain as the detector comes in contact with your naughtiest, fleshy bits. One side boasts a flat, black surface while the other consists of tiny, sharp stinging spikes that elevate this paddle above the rest when it comes to discipline. This is not for the faint hearted and is probably more suited to experienced BDSM practitioners as the force from the metal will certainly leave a mark on your regretful sub.
- Leave your mark with a metal paddle that is not for the faint hearted
- Let your sub know who is in charge during punishing BDSM games
- One side has a flat, black metal surface while the other consists of a multitude of tiny, sharp stinging spikes


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