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December 13, 2019

Dear Buyers There are some other companies which are using our web site images and products details etc even they are using our (TRIUNE) Catalogue/Price list. We want to clear that we do not have any other sister concern company , we are doing business with only one Name : TRIUNE INTERNATIONAL. So be aware from them. Thank you

Adult Steel Toys » Nipple & Breast Toys

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Product ID: TBJ-2126
Name: Squeezer Teaser Clover Nipple Clamps
Size: 0 cm, 0 in
Weight: 0g
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Description

Steel nipple clamps with hard rubber tips. This pair of clamps features a unique ‘Pull Tight’ system that is operated by a short length of cord. The harder you pull the cord, the tighter the clamps grip. Once you pull hard on the cords they are almost impossible to pull off of the nipples.- A word of warning, part of the pain or sensitivity that nipple clamps cause comes from the restricting of blood flow to the nipples, so they should not be left on too long. Also, when they are removed, the pain can be worse than when they were applied, so be ready.


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