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December 13, 2019

Dear Buyers There are some other Pakistani companies who are using our web site images and products details illegally, We want to clear that we do not have any business relationship with these Pakistani Companies.

Adult Steel Toys  Urethral Dilator Sound

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Product ID: TMS-2407A
Name: Hegar Urethral Dilators Double Ended
Size: 0 cm, 0 in
Weight: 0g
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Description

These Stainless Steel Hegar sounds have two rounded ends, are fairly short, and are mildly curved in shape.Each wand has a number on it to tell you the thickness, 1 wand has 2 thickness - ie first wand is 1.5mm and 2mm thick on opposite ends.
One end 1.5mm - 2nd end 2mm
One end 3mm - 2nd end 4mm
One end 5mm - 2nd end 6mm
One end 7mm - 2nd end 8mm
One end 9mm - 2nd end 10mm
One end 10mm - 2nd end 11mm
One end 12mm - 2nd end 13mm
One end 14mm - 2nd end 15mm
Carry on sizes Up to One end 25mm - 2nd end 26mm


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